Bricks, Benches & Trees ... Oh My!!!

Help build the path to Excellence with a Gift THAT WILL LAST FOREVER.

Let us inscribe a brick or a paver to support the continued excellence of your Glencoe Schools. Your generous gift supports District 35 schools while honoring your child, special teacher or school!

Your donation of $100 per engraved 4” x 8” brick will offer a lasting impression of your generosity and acknowledgement of a special person or occasion.

Larger 8” x 8” pavers can accommodate greater detail and are a distinctive alternative.
They are available for $200 each.

Or make a more significant impression with a tree or a bench. You may now purchase a tree for $500 or a bench for $1000 to be installed on District 35 property with a customized plaque. For options, please contact Audrey West at Installation of bricks, trees and benches will be in Fall 2011 or Spring 2012.

For more information about the Glencoe Educational Foundation, please visit our website.


click here Download pdf of GEF Bricks, Benches and Trees program order form.