"We know that most of our children are surrounded by high-tech equipment and multi-sensory information outside of school. SMART Boards allow us to bring that type of technology into the classroom while delivering curricular content."

− Catherine Wang
  Dir. of Curriculum & Instruction
  District 35






SMART Boards

SMART boardSimply put, students learn more effectively when they are engaged in the lessons being taught in the classroom.  This is why the GEF is committed to providing SMART Boards to district 35—they provide captivating, multimedia images that draw students into daily lessons and enrich the overall educational experience. 

SMART Boards are purchased from SMART Technologies, the industry leading provider of interactive whiteboards.  The following fact sheet provides further details about SMART Boards.

Quick Facts and Stats

Fact sheet provided by SMART Technologies. For more information on Smart Boards follow the links in the side menu bar.